It can be difficult for any business to ensure that they find the best talent for a vacant position in their company. One important thing to keep in mind is that although hiring from outside the organisation can bring new skills and ideas to a company, there are also many positives to be gained from hiring from within your current staff pool, states a recent article on Business2Community.

So, what are some of these benefits? Firstly, this method of recruitment tends to be quicker and cheaper than spending time and money sourcing talent from further afield. A study by the Corporate Executive board found that vacant positions were, on average, filled 23% faster when an existing employee was hired than when an outside employee was sought.

Secondly, and perhaps more significantly, internal hiring boosts morale within an organisation. If staff realise that there are opportunities for progression or advancement from their current position, it is likely that they will put more effort into their work, and even stay in the company for longer as they will not feel stuck in a ‘dead end’.

Another advantage to this process is that it is easier to see the track record of internal candidates, and they often already have a clear idea of the company’s culture and values. This means that they will already be a good fit within the organisation – something that can be risky when recruiting externally.

In order to fully benefit from internal recruitment, there are some key practices to consider. Helpfully, the article suggested some tips for ensuring that it is a fundamental part of your hiring process.

Establish a Clear Process

Most company’s existing recruitment processes tend to focus mostly on hiring external candidates, but it is important that employers stick to a defined hiring process for internal hires as well. This means, for example, that that they should be kept informed at each stage of the interview process and notified about any decision after they have applied for a position.

Improve Communication Using Technology

Applicant Tracking Systems (ATSs) that are often used in recruiting can also be adapted to work for internal hiring. This makes it easier for candidates to keep abreast with news such as position openings and interview times via e-mail. You can even select an ATS that allows you to only advertise jobs to internal staff.

Encourage A Culture Of Internal Hiring

Managers can sometimes wish to hold onto their best members of staff. This means that they may discourage their employees from seeking out higher positions in a different department within the company. However, it is essential that managers are on-board with the idea of internal progression, therefore company leaders need to make clear the economic and professional advantages of using internal hiring processes. One way to encourage managers to support this, is by introducing targeted incentives.

With these tips, both managers and employees can begin to embrace a new type of employment. Company leaders should not underestimate the power of internal hiring, which could be your company’s “next competitive differentiator”, the article concludes.

Has your company embraced internal hiring yet?

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