We are delighted to announce that B2B Marketing in partnership with The Jefferson Group have published the salary survey for 2017-18.

This report certainly flags some very interesting points. Ranging between the gender wage gap, value of qualifications and training as well as highlights that 60% of employee’s believing they are paid less than they would expect with 54% confirming that they are looking to change jobs within the next 12 months.

For the first time the survey provides average salary benchmarks by seniority, specialism, location and industry to give you a comprehensive picture of where your salary stands in the marketplace.

Download the free report now to discover how your salary compares to the industry average of £46,442: bit.ly/2qnMw6B

The research will also tell you:

• How much a professional marketing qualification adds to the average salary.

• How many additional hours a week the average B2B marketer works.

• When most B2B marketers are thinking about switching roles.

• How satisfied B2B marketers are with their jobs.

• At what age you reach the peak of your earning potential.

Download your free copy of this 20-page report, produced in partnership with The Jefferson Group, to find out: bit.ly/2qnMw6B