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What we do

Bringing talent and business together



Our role at Jefferson is to facilitate conversations between the best talent out there and the most awesome businesses to work for. We also apply our combined 30+years sector experience to making sure there’s a good fit between business objectives, career aspirations, and financial expectations.

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Executive Search

Whether you have a local or international executive search assignment, Jefferson can help through our bespoke Jefferson Search team. Armed with the latest research and talent analytics, we offer a highly confidential search function for identifying and approaching key individuals – then act as a trusted intermediary throughout the negotiation process.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Sitting on a rapid growth strategy that’s in need of implementation? The Jefferson Group can broker all the right introductions. Ours is a proven track record of facilitating mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures – backed up by a rock-solid reputation for complete discretion.

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Venture Capital

You might be in need of a cash flow boost, launching a start-up, seeking investment to grow an existing business, or looking for a non-executive board to support an MBO or MBI. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured Jefferson has the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to help bring these requirements to life.

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