A trusted partner for all the big decisions

Whenever it’s your time to merge, buy or sell, you can be sure of informed advice that complements your growth/exit strategy, and expertly guides you through the purchase or sale from start to final handshake.

Giving your ambition purpose

With Jefferson Mergers & Acquisitions you don’t just get a broker of deals. You get a broker of the RIGHT deal. We say that with confidence because we’ll take the time to get to know you as a business, and as people with very clear goals and expectations.

Our M&A services can be divided into three primary offerings:

  • Advising agencies on how to generate the most value from their growth or exit plans
  • Helping owners sell their businesses for the most suitable and achievable price
  • Finding the best and brightest independent companies for buyers to acquire
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What our clients say

Rooster's a fast growth agency, which means we can’t afford any mistakes when bringing in new blood. That said it’s not just about skill sets. It’s about culture, attitude, personality, and whether each new starter can buy into the Rooster philosophy. That’s why I need a recruiter who gets it, who I can turn to any time knowing they’ve always got someone special up their sleeve. This is why we partner with The Jefferson Group

Paul Cash - Rooster Punk

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What we do

Where deal making and collaborations are made to happen.

M&A activity within the marketing, media, and creative arena is never straightforward. Particularly when you’re trying to put a value on a business. In many instances there’s a lack of physical ‘product’, or IP that’s seen and considered as abstract – based on client relationships and employee skills.

But that shouldn’t suggest an absence of value, and working with Jefferson we’ll help you identify and quantify it. Our expertise helps uncover how and where another agency could complement your own, and it’s this practical approach to defining such ‘hidden worth’ that differentiates us in the market.

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How we do it

Where we’ll use our global network to find and qualify the best options open to you.

Our role is very much one of intermediary, of facilitating deals. That means working with all engaged parties to determine commonalities and potential sticking points. Then, once all this information is at our fingertips, we’ll create a solid and comprehensive summary – prior to any introduction.

To do this we need to go ‘deep’, to identify both strengths and weaknesses of the companies involved, and to convey this is an honest and transparent manner. In other words, we’ll help assess all the key issues – from income projections to savings in the bank – before helping structure a fair and acceptable proposal that works for all.

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Starting the process

Where all the groundwork’s done before we start making the introductions.

Experience teaches us that a lot of time can be wasted in meetings if the correct goals and parameters are not first determined. That’s why the first thing we’ll do is establish a proposal that all can agree to in principle – subject to the usual due diligence.

To do this we get busy collating information on each business, and use the findings to create an Executive Summary that’s shared as soon as the ink’s dry on the NDAs. Typically such a document helps to establish the viability of any potential deal, as well as providing a framework agreement for both parties to explore further.

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An executive summary

Where we provide a flavour of the information needed to flesh out the proposal.

Information we’ll ask you to provide includes:

  • A brief overview of the business
  • Organisational charts and business structure
  • Client list and details of services provided
  • A full set of management accounts (going back three years)
  • Cash flow numbers and forecasts for future income

Jefferson will also employ the services of a third party source to provide an analysis of your operation, with the results included in the final pack.

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Making the connections

Where we take the opportunity to market – confidentially of course.

Once all the key documents are signed, we’ll start having discreet conversations with people in our network that we trust – and who we believe fits neatly with your ‘buyers profile’. Importantly we’ll never disclose identities during these initial ‘chats’, but we can assure you that each one will be relevant, with businesses that meet your stated financial and operational parameters.

Confidentiality is a word you’ll hear us mention time and again. It should be to, because protecting your identity is of paramount importance during the early stages of an approach. That’s why we never reveal any of your details until we have an agreement of interest from you regarding the prospect. Only then do we start talking names and associated details.

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Start the conversation

Want to know more about The Jefferson Group and our M&A credentials? We’re happy to talk through our capabilities, or better still to demonstrate them with a live assignment. It’s your call.

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What we do

Bringing talent and business together



Our role at Jefferson is to facilitate conversations between the best talent out there and the most awesome businesses to work for. We also apply our combined 30+years sector experience to making sure there’s a good fit between business objectives, career aspirations, and financial expectations.

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Executive Search

Whether you have a local or international executive search assignment, Jefferson can help through our bespoke Jefferson Search team. Armed with the latest research and talent analytics, we offer a highly confidential search function for identifying and approaching key individuals – then act as a trusted intermediary throughout the negotiation process.

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HR Services

Whether you are an established business that requires temporary or permanent in-house HR support or a business that would prefer the flexibility of outsourcing then we can help. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured Jefferson Locke has the knowledge, experience and capabilities to support you every step of the way.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Sitting on a rapid growth strategy that’s in need of implementation? The Jefferson Group can broker all the right introductions. Ours is a proven track record of facilitating mergers and acquisitions – backed up by a rock-solid reputation for complete discretion.

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