Putting talent in touch with its future.

Want to know why you should trust your career with us, or your next important hire? Because we’re people persons. That’s right, we’re individuals who deal with individuals. Characters. Humans. People who know a thing or two about the sectors we recruit for, the business pressures in play, and the types of skills and personalities needed to fill a variety of challenging, rewarding, and career-defining roles.

To work with Jefferson is to be part of a movement that champions quality over quantity. That values honest, straightforward advice above the pursuit of monthly revenue targets. That prides itself in getting to know each candidate and client well enough to know not just what they say they want – but also what they need. This is Jefferson, come on in.

We know our onions

Our area of expertise is the creative, media, and marketing arena.

It’s a sector we’ve seen grow from the inside  – and continue to live, network, and socialise within its brightly coloured walls. In other words we know what works, what doesn’t, and we’ll tell it to you straight as well. That’s not because we’re rude you understand. It’s because we’re determined to say no to mismatched interviews, to square peg situations, and to unfair apples versus oranges (and onions) comparisons. With Jefferson you’ll have a true partner who is emotionally committed to helping you achieve your goals.

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Want to find out more about our unique ability to put smiles on the faces of people looking for their next career challenge – or those looking for the next perfect hire?

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We get ourselves into all sorts of positions

At Jefferson we get involved in a wide range of job opportunities, from Account Management, Creative, and Strategy, to Project Management, board Level, Operations, and Production.

  • Integrated
  • Digital
  • Experiential
  • Sales promotion
  • Brand
  • Social Media
  • Corporate comms
  • HR
  • Consultancy
  • Sales
  • Publishing
  • Design

To join in, simply pick up the phone, dial 020 7717 9444, and open up a world of possibilities and opportunities – or to access our extensive network of world-beating talent.

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What our clients say

“I’ve been fortunate to work with Tom and the Jefferson team for over 10 years, both as a client and a candidate. He is one of those rare recruiters that combines in-depth knowledge and experience of B2B marketing agencies with honesty, integrity and emotional intelligence. He has incredibly good listening skills and will always offer fresh ideas, strategic advice and proactive support. Tom’s professional network is also phenomenal. Whatever the role – in Client Services, Creative, Data or Digital Planning – he only ever puts forward the highest quality candidates that align to your objectives and cultural values.  I couldn’t recommend Jefferson enough!”

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We’re any hiring manager’s new best friend!

There’s a peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re connected with like-minded people.

We understand each role that needs filling because between the team at Jefferson one of us has most likely ‘done’ it in the past! We see this experience as giving us a head start in any recruitment process, and consider it vital for giving you confidence in the team behind the name – and the reassurance that we have the connections and know-how to find the next superstar you’re looking for.

Then there’s our method, our ‘secret sauce’, and the number of online and offline search and networking strategies we can call upon to ensure we’re engaging with the right candidates at the right time. It’s a method that’s tailored to each client, and each recruitment scenario, and an approach proven to deliver the results that both you and we are ultimately judged by.

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What we do

Bringing talent and business together


Our role at the Jefferson Talent Group is to facilitate conversations between the best talent out there and the most awesome businesses to work for. We also apply our combined 30+years sector experience to making sure there’s a good fit between business objectives, career aspirations, and financial expectations.

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Executive Search

Whether you have a local or international executive search assignment, Jefferson Talent Group can help through our bespoke  search team. Armed with the latest research and talent analytics, we offer a highly confidential search function for identifying and approaching key individuals – then act as a trusted intermediary throughout the negotiation process.

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HR Services

Whether you are an established business that requires temporary or permanent in-house HR support or a business that would prefer the flexibility of outsourcing then we can help. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured Jefferson Talent Group has the knowledge, experience and capabilities to support you every step of the way.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Sitting on a rapid growth strategy that’s in need of implementation? Jefferson Talent Group can broker all the right introductions. Ours is a proven track record of facilitating mergers and acquisitions – backed up by a rock-solid reputation for complete discretion.

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