Giving you every chance in the world to achieve your vision.

Want to grow your business or get a start-up off the ground but struggling to find willing investors or entrepreneurs? Sit back and relax – if your idea is viable, Jefferson will help give it wings.

We build bridges

Our role is to connect you to the investors who can help realise your vision.

What’s important is to have options, be they the offer of upfront investment or a non-executive management board to help take your concept from the drawing board to reality.

Which is exactly where Jefferson enters the picture.

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What our clients say

“Jefferson gave us access to a select number of pre-approved investors whom they knew would be interested in what we had to say. Then they acted as an intermediary, and helped manage the application from start to funding. We couldn’t have asked for anything else.”

James Fielding - BBDA

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An offer you can’t refuse

With our network of trusted and approved investors we can be relied upon to get things moving.

At Jefferson we help broker finance deals across a range of scenarios, including:

  • Expansion capital for fast growing companies looking to bolster their offering
  • Finance for businesses preparing to make an acquisition
  • MBO/MBI finance for management teams looking to buy a business from its existing owners
  • Pre-IPO finance for companies getting ready to float on the Alternative Investment Market (AIM)
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Ensuring a tight fit

One of the first ‘tests’ to pass is suitability, and your ability to demonstrate:

  • A sustainable business model capable of withstanding basic business stress test scenarios
  • Your competitive edge in terms of both product/service attributes and market opportunity
  • A strong management team able to carry the business through to success over a 3-5 year period
  • A roadmap detailing organic revenue potential and profitability over an agreed timeframe
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Start the conversation

Want to know more about Jefferson and our capabilities in Venture Capital? Whether you’re an existing business or a start-up, we’ll be happy to talk through your funding possibilities.

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What we do

Bringing talent and business together



Our role at Jefferson is to facilitate conversations between the best talent out there and the most awesome businesses to work for. We also apply our combined 30+years sector experience to making sure there’s a good fit between business objectives, career aspirations, and financial expectations.

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Executive Search

Whether you have a local or international executive search assignment, Jefferson can help through our bespoke Jefferson Search team. Armed with the latest research and talent analytics, we offer a highly confidential search function for identifying and approaching key individuals – then act as a trusted intermediary throughout the negotiation process.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Sitting on a rapid growth strategy that’s in need of implementation? The Jefferson Group can broker all the right introductions. Ours is a proven track record of facilitating mergers, acquisitions, and joint ventures – backed up by a rock-solid reputation for complete discretion.

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Venture Capital

You might be in need of a cash flow boost, launching a start-up, seeking investment to grow an existing business, or looking for a non-executive board to support an MBO or MBI. Whatever your needs, you can rest assured Jefferson has the knowledge, experience, and capabilities to help bring these requirements to life.

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